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Q:  Do You Offer Skin Consultation? How To Know Which Product Is Suitable For My Skin?

A: Yes, Dm/Email Us For Skin Consultation. Please Include Photos And Skin Type. (Dry Or Oily)


Q: Can I Use The Bar Soap On My Face?

A: Yes. It Is Safe To Use On Your Face But Not Recommended As It Is Made For Body Use.


Q: Do You Ship To My Country?

A: Yes, We are now shipping Worldwide.


Q:What Do You Have For Body Pigmentation, Scarring, Dark Marks And Stretch Marks?

A: Our Scar Removal Body Bundle


Q: Can I Use The Sugar Scrub On My Face?

A: Not Recommend Can Clog Pores


Q: Do You Have A Facial Exfoliator?

A: We Have Our Sea Moss Clay Mask That Can Be Used Twice A Week.


Q: Do You Have Anything For Eczema?

A: For Bundle: We recommend Eczema Bundle Kit
For Individual products we highly recommend any of these: Our Sea Moss Scrub + Turmeric Scrub + Baby Butter + Faded Butter Works Great.


Q: Do You Have Sun Protection?

A: Yes We Have Our Sun Protector. Spf 30


Q: Do You Have Anything For Under Eye Dark Circle?

A: Yes. Our Eye Repair Cream

Q: Do You Have Something For Dark Marks?

A: Our Top Dark Marks/Spots Remover Are

Vibrance, Night Time Cream, Oil Free Acne Cleanser, Faded Butter.


Q: Do Wholesale You Products

A: No


Q: Do You Offer One On One Mentorships

A: No Not Actual On Going Mentorship But I Do Accepts Coaching Calls



Q:  Best Products For Beginners?

A: Balance Bundle (Great Recommendation For Everybody.


Q: Do You Have A Physical Location Or Same Day Pick Up?

A: No! We Are Online Only! No Store No Pick Up.


Q: Do You Offer Bigger Or Small Items That Not On The Webite?

A: No, What's Posted On The Website Is What We Have.


Q: What's The Best Bundle For Dry Skin?

A: Moisture + Hydration Bundle


Q: What's The Best Bundle For Oily Skin?

A: Acne + Oil Control Kit