Matcha Green Jelly Mask

Matcha Green Jelly Mask

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Formulated with Matcha Green Tea, rich in antioxidants, this rejuvenating jelly mask quenches, softens and soothes skin. Matcha Green Jelly Mask is a silky soft seal that protects and repairs dying skin cells. Glycerin helps draw in water, replenish and retain moisture by creating a skin barrier to keep skin hydrated for hours. The caffeine in Matcha Green Tea helps shrinks blood vessels, making it great for puffy eyes and dark spots.
Skin Type 
Dry skin✅   Oily skin✅    Normal skin✅   Sensitive skin✅
How to use 
Apply on fresh face. Best to apply with masking brush or fingertips. Spread jelly mask evenly throughout face. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and soap.
Daytime Routine 
Cleanse before applying mask to remove dirt, sweat and make-up from surface. Rinse off mask, then apply serums and moisturizers. 
organic matcha (green tea), germal plus, barbadensis miller (aloe vera) plant extract, rosa canina (rose hip oil) rose, cucumis sativus (cucumber), koalin clay, vegetable (glycerin), DL-Phenylalanine. 
Shelf Life
After opened, you should use Jelly Mask within 3 months. Always throw away product if it develops a strange color, odor or consistency (becomes lump, runny, etc).
*Disclaimer: As mask drys, it contracts. This may make your face feel like it's pulsating and being sucked by clay. What you are actually feeling is oils and toxins being drawn out of your skin. 
*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease*
*DISCLAIMER: The consistency of our products may change due to extreme heat and or cold weather. Herbal Ciddy has no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that we cannot be responsible for melted or frozen products.*
*DISCLAIMER: Herbal Ciddy products may appear inconsistent in color but natural products color come from natural ingredients. No dye added. Our handmade products are made with consistent formulas and ingredients.
Please note when switching from chemical products to all natural products irritation, redness or burning can occur. While it is uncommon, we recommend doing a patch test before fully introducing your skin to a new product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shantel Wilson

I am in love with mask. I love the smell, the texture, & the results. Skin is glowing & acne free.

Aubrii Looney
Extremely refreshing

Being a new mom in a pandemic had taken a toll on my skin and I was looking for something that would help me look less…tired. I decided to try this mask and let me tell you, this product is nothing short of amazing! While using it, it gave me a cooling sensation that was so light and refreshing and then afterwards it left my skin feeling rejuvenated. 10/10 would recommend!


Love the products

I love it!

I exfoliate with an at home microdermabrasion tool once a week. Usually my is face is red and slightly sensitive afterwards. I used this matcha green jelly mask after my microdermabrasion treatment this time and it was very soothing and cooling on my face. My face felt very hydrated