7 day Flat Tummy Tea

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Comes with 7 tea bag

What does it do:
⁃Aids weight loss
-Lower blood sugar
-Constipation-Speeds metabolism
-Lower cholesterol
-Boost immune system.

What does it help with:
-Uti-Menstrual pains
- Bloating

How often do you drink it:
⁃ Every day until you complete the detox for it to be effective.
⁃ 1 tea bag a day
⁃ Morning or before workout best to drink
⁃ This makes 24 oz of tea drink all in one day
- Detoxing should be done once every other month or once a month
(Depending on diet)
- Week one will have results of reduce bloating
- Week to will have results of weight loss

Is this tea for you:
⁃ Don’t drink pregnant
⁃ Don’t drink age 16 or under
⁃ If breastfeeding only 2x a week

How to make tea:
⁃ Steep 5-10 minutes with hot water using a 24oz cup
(The longer the steep the more effective)
- Can steep over night
- Always brew hot

- Takes 4 business days to be delivered from the shipping day
- 7 tea bags come in one package
- 4oz package